Why did I start “Dealing with Anxiety”?


Hi, my name is Mio.  And I deal with Anxiety.

I am also a psychotherapist in Toronto, Canada.  So not only do I have the experience of managing anxiety myself, I have worked with many clients dealing with anxiety, too.

And I’ll say this right off: I found myself feeling anxious about starting and writing for this website.


Well, what if I have to offer and suggest isn’t helpful to anybody in anyway?

What if it’s another failed attempt at following through on an idea?

What if it’s just another waste of my time?

What if everything I do amounts to utter garbage?

What if I am completely discredited and ridiculed?

What if… what if… what if…?  (Any of this familiar to you…?)

Yet, here I am, plugging away at this post.  I believe that I want to accomplish here is worth pushing through these fears anxieties.

And it’s because I know WHY getting this website up and running is important to me.

Here’s my WHY: It is important for me in my life to serve.  And one of my goals is to meaningfully support as many people as I am able.

I am very fortunate to work with clients who have chosen to work me directly and individually, and I find my work in supporting others to be extremely meaningful.

But as I look ahead, I started to think about ways to provide support outside of my psychotherapy practice, a resource available to anyone, as long as they have a way of getting online.

Working with clients since 2009, I know that there are many people at any given time dealing with or regularly managing anxiety and high degrees of stress.

Feeling anxious can be lonely.  It can be isolating… confusing… upsetting… disrupting… all these things and more.

I am hoping that this website will be a place where someone looking for resources and tips, maybe also shared stories, so that people don’t have to feel alone.

Eventually, I hope to have those people familiar with and have an understanding of how to manage anxiety contribute directly, too.

With this site, it’s my goal to collect and have available the many ways it’s possible to think about and hopefully for individuals to work through anxiety.

Because even if it helps one person in some way, some how, I believe it will be worth it.

But it is also important to note. This is NOT what this site is: A means of diagnosis or providing a treatment plan.  If your experiences of anxiety are acute, intolerably intense, ongoing or unmanageable, please consult a trusted medical and/or mental health professional.

I welcome your experiences, stories, tips, feedback and more.

Thank you for visiting and together, we can help each other deal with anxiety.

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